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Panel Upgrades Indoor and Outdoor

Are your lights flickering? Are you still screwing in fuses into an old-fashioned fuse box? Is your electrical equipment over 30yrs of age? If so, it could be time for a panel upgrade.

The main problem with older electrical equipment is that they, along with their circuitry, were designed for the time that they were installed. Most are very limited in space for additional wiring to be added, which is why in many cases whenever you turn off a single breaker, it will turn off the power to multiple rooms or appliances that share that same circuit.

This all ties back into the issue of not having enough space to add additional circuits to separate these rooms and devices. In addition to being too small to accommodate additional circuitry, they were often installed using outdated wiring methods that have, since then, been deemed unsafe and could cause damage to your home’s electronics, appliances, and electrical equipment.

By updating your electrical panel to one that is both large enough to accommodate additional circuits and space needed for modern wiring requirements, such as isolating your neutral wires, you will increase the level of electrical safety in your home brought on by newer, safer electrical equipment and wiring methods.

An upgraded panel also gives you the ability to install additional electrical circuitry in the future, for example, address those overloaded circuits that share multiple appliances or rooms by separating them into own individual circuits, or to add that exterior lighting that you have long desired.

Common symptoms of overloaded electrical equipment or circuits are lights dimming when using higher-ampere appliances like hair dryers or AC window units, circuit breakers hot to the touch, or being inconvenienced by the inability to use multiple appliances at one time i.e. “I can’t use my microwave and toaster at the same time because it will trip the breaker.”

In some cases, the electrical equipment or circuits may not be overloaded at all, but instead be one of the known, defective brands such as Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, and Sylvania.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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