GFCI/AFCI Protection

GFCI Protection

The potential for electric shock increases when using appliances and tools when water is involved. The good news is that there is a simple way to eliminate the risk of electric shock by installing a GFCI electrical outlet.

AFCI, or Arc-fault circuit interrupter, is simply an additional form of protection for both you and your home. In its most simple form, an AFCI plug or breaker is designed to turn off whenever it detects an electrical arc that is not normal on a circuit such as faulty connections or bad electronics.

Typical arcs on a circuit that do not affect an AFCI breaker are, for example, turning on a light switch. Standard Non-AFCI breakers do not provide this form of protection and, instead, leave the electrical issue unaddressed to develop into what could become a much larger issue.

Installing a GFCI outlet is not quite as simple as installing a standard outlet. With this being the case, it’s best to rely on a licensed electrical technician.

All-Pro Electric has experienced, licensed electrical technicians who can help you determine whether you need GFCI outlets or switches installed in your home. If we find places where they are necessary, we can get them installed for you.

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